Airport Grande: The Ultimate Investment Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate

Airport Grande, a 4-star business hotel in Kerala, is nearing completion. The project provides one-of-a-kind investment opportunity to be a proud hotel owner, with a minimum investment of just INR 7 lakhs. To ensure best in class stay experience, the hotel will have 84 fully-furnished and rent-ready premium standard hotel suite rooms, in addition to a deluxe restaurant, bar, lounge, bouquet hall, party facilities, and other amenities.  

Investors will benefit from shared net returns from the hotel suite business, plus free hotel stays and food and beverage discounts. Investors can expect a sizable portion of net returns from the Hotel Suite Business. Furthermore, investors can purchase four or more units to receive a portion of the company’s shares, as well as a free stay at the hotel for up to seven days per year and discounts on food and beverages. Earn twin stream income from room rent as well as company profit share.  

Airport Grande, with its excellent location just 4 KMs from Cochin International Airport and few metres away from the national highway, is set to invite a steady flow of business and leisure travellers, making it a wise investment choice. The hotel’s construction is nearly done, with all structural work completed to the highest standards. The interior CMU works have been meticulously crafted, integrating the most recent design ideas to generate a visually appealing space.  

The Deluxe Room flooring has been done with careful planning by a team of skilled workers, resulting in a stylish and contemporary appearance. The mock-up suite was built to the best quality, to give clients a taste of the satisfying experience that beckons them. The handrails on the stairway and balcony have been skillfully set up to add aesthetic value while also providing safety and functionality. 

The roof thickening has been carried out with accuracy and expert knowledge, ensuring the structure’s longevity and stability keeping in mind the roof top parking facility and future fittings like solar panels. The lift wells have been finalised completely, and the STP (sewage treatment plant) is 80% complete. The fire protection works are nearly finished, with an 100% completion rate. Plumbing work is half done, while HVAC and electrical work are 80% and 70% done, respectively.  

The interior of the project is taking shape, with 20% of the work completed. The lift construction has also progressed well, with the task now at 90% completion. Driveway and exterior works are currently 90% complete, while elevation work is 40% complete. Painting is at 60%, tiling is at 40%, low voltage is now at 30%, and doors and windows are at 50%. The project is a fantastic commercial property investment, providing a premier location for work meetings, grand functions, and stays.  

The project ensures easy access to all tourist attractions next to the Cochin International Airport, located just 4 kilometres away. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has legally authorised the project under registration number K-RERA/PRJ/150/2021, guaranteeing trust. Airport Grande Hospitality Private Limited can be reached at or +91 77360 40666 for more information.