About Us

Airport Grande Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd is a dream come true project undertaken by a group of Investors who initially involved in this Hotel Project as Suite Owners. Later those 86 Suite Owners in turn taken ownership of the complete Project by Fund Sharing Basis. The Investors of AGH is spread over all parts of the Globe.

Airport Grande Hospitalities is a Suite with other amenities like Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Party Halls, Banquet Halls, etc with car parking facility in the basement. The Hotel is located near Cochin International Airport (CIAL) and 100 meters from Athani junction in the Airport link road. The Hotel comprises of spacious 84 Suite rooms, Swimming Pool etc.

The management of AGH consists of 9 board members who makes Policies, Decisions Approvals etc. in Board meetings held quarterly in an Year and A Managing Director, Finance Director and Chief Executive Officer to manage the Operations.

Airport Grande Hospitality Pvt Ltd is a HOTEL Business Establishment Located Near Cochin International Airport, Kerala, India. It provides Suite Rooms, Restaurants, Bars, Lounges & Banquet Halls to accommodate Travelers, Business Meetings, Party etc.

Grande Facilities

The Airport Grande comes with a whole gamut of facilities that makes it all the more impressive to both investors and future guests. The ultimate high-end 4 star investment – fully-furnished, rent-ready 84 Hotel suite Rooms, Restaurants, Bars, Lounge, Banquet Halls, Party facilities, etc., to accommodate discerning Travellers, Business Meetings, Grand Functions and more. Convenient location, just 4 KM from Cochin international airport, excellent sight seeing spots nearby, panoramic views of beautiful Kerala, high-end amenities, and world-class facilities, as well as transparent management to satisfy the most demanding investors.

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