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World-class Facility. Unmatched Investment Opportunity. ​

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Airport Grande ​

Airport Grande is one of a kind contemporary ‘4 STAR BUSINESS HOTEL’ strategically located near the Cochin International Airport, Kerala, India. It is a unique project undertaken by Airport Grande Hospitality Pvt. Ltd, a company formed by a consortium of investors whose experience vary from hospitality to marketing, project management to finance. The group is committed to take this project to greater heights with their years of expertise.

Unique Investment Opportunity

When one thinks about real estate as an investment, usually an image of a house or apartment comes up in mind. However, now there are other lucrative forms of commercial property investment that are growing in popularity and one of them are well-laid out hotels/ suites packed with outstanding amenities. Many retail investors usually find the high initial investment as a barrier to entry, which has been solved by this project with the minimum investment being just ₹5 Lakhs only. Kerala being one of the world’s most popular tourism destination, the Airport Grande project offers incredible opportunities for investors. With Airport Grande Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (AGHPL) you can enjoy better returns on investment starting from just ₹5 Lakhs onwards.

Being an owner of the 4 star rated Airport Grande Hotel & Suites, comes with multiple benefits. Apart from the returns on your unit investment via suite rental income*, as well as dividends on company shares via profits* distributed by AGHPL, you also get to stay in the hotel for a number of days every year, for FREE*.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

*Terms & Conditions Apply


Hotel Suite Business

AGHPL invites investors to be part of this prestigious project by purchasing an undivided share of the 3360 sq m suite area and a corresponding land area of the project with investments starting from just ₹5 Lakhs only.

AGHPL Shareholding

We want you to be part of our Company as well, and be part of the decision making. For a limited period, as a special offer, Hotel Suite investors are offered shares* of the company at face value so that you will also benefit from the business (Restaurant, Bar, Banquet Hall, Conference facilities etc.) run by the company.


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Board Room

24H Cafe

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