From Ground to Sky: Airport Grande's Car Lift Takes Parking to New Heights in Kerala

The 4-star business hotel, Airport Grande, has gained many supporters and investors since its announcement and is just a few steps away from completion. The project has garnered great attention with its unique investment opportunities. The location of the project with its close proximity to the Cochin International Airport, the CIAL golf course and the CIAL exhibition centre has proven to be an important highlight. Airport Grande has already shown great progress since its inception and there are a lot more opportunities for investors who are interested in profitable commercial real estate. Airport Grande Hospitality Private Limited, Airport Grande’s parent company, welcomes you to be part of this exclusive project by becoming significant stockholders in the business.


The deluxe business hotel, with a 4-star rating, promises attractive investment opportunities in the commercial market, with the minimum investment rate being Rs. 7 Lakhs. Stakeholders are assured of a significant share of net returns from the Hotel Suite Business among the suite investment partners, centred on UNIT holding after deducting 15% management expenses. Eligibility for company shares will be duly considered and the investors can sell off their shares for a higher price in the future. The hotel puts forward an elaborate assortment of fully-furnished and rent-ready premium standard hotel suite rooms. With a total of 84 rooms, Airport Grande assures the best experience ever.

The project also guarantees a luxury restaurant, bar, lounge, bouquet hall, party facilities and various other amenities to ensure the premium staying experience. For the investors, there cannot be a better choice than this. In addition to the profit and company shares, the investors also receive benefits like free stay in a premium single suite for one night per UNIT for a maximum of 7 days per year excluding GST, discounts on food and beverages and free pick-up and drop services from the Airport.

The Progress So Far

Airport Grande is gearing up for its impending completion with steady progress. The building structure has been entirely erected and majority of constructional works have also been completed. The Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) works in the hotel interior, as per latest designs, have been entirely finished. The engineers are always ready to appreciate investors involved in commercial property investment, who can help boost the rest of the work.

Furthermore, the deluxe room tiling and the mock-up suite works have also been finished satisfactorily. The premium quality board rooms have been finalized, except for the carpet and the furniture requirements. The construction of the office room has been completed, together with the fire room and the electrical room.  Moreover, the project managers are pleased to announce that the safety measures have all been well taken care of, particularly with regards to the lift walls, staircase handrails and balcony handrails in each floor. The roof thickening works have also been completed agreeably.

Works in Progress

Airport Grande encourages investors who can become a part of this  luxury hotel project, to join hands with us for a gainful future. AGHPL is seeking  investors who can add value and enhance the work progress and bring about an early completion. The authenticity of the project is guaranteed and legalised by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) under registration number K-RERA/PRJ/150/2021, ensuring maximum trust.

Apart from the main structure completion, the fire safety and protection work which includes the fire escape staircase and the firefighting requirements, have been fulfilled to a total of 100%. The work on Electrical , HVAC, Plumbing, Painting and Sewage Treatment Plant have all been completed to around 65%. On the other hand, the progress of the lifts, the driveway, tiling and other external works have about 90% left to be finished. Close to 25% of the interior work has been concluded.

An exceptional commercial real estate investment today, Airport Grande offers the premium spot for business meetings, grand functions and stays. The project confirms easy access to all tourist spots near the Cochin International Airport, which is just 4 km away. Airport Grande is here to set a trademark in the field of commercial property investment. If you are interested in being a part of this grand venture