Airport Grande: A profitable and worthwhile investment opportunity

AGHPL- Best investment opportunity
The Cochin International Airport gets a new, classy, and contemporary touch with the 4-star business hotel – Airport Grande. An exclusive project initiated by Airport Grande Hospitality Pvt. Ltd (AGHPL), the hotel is strategically formed by an association of global financial investors and smart money managers who have extensive background exposure and strengths in areas ranging across hospitality, construction, marketing, and project management. The resolute team is committed to taking all means necessary in order to complete this top-notch project. The best choice which has emerged now for buying commercial property for investment, better than traditional real estate investments, are such new and contemporary pooled investment options like the Airport Grande hotel whose backing company AGHPL invites you to be a part of this profitable and worthwhile opportunity in more ways than one.

Why Airport Grande?

Breaking the traditional wall of high commercial investment, Airport Grande is a standing-out project. Making the dreams of commercial real estate backing come true at the expense of just ₹5 lakhs only, the least you could wish for. New investors’ latest investment opportunities and best investment opportunities are at your doorstep with this ongoing grand project scheduled for completion within 2022-2023.


Airport Grande ensures that its investors get the best of the best. To have a tagline of a 4-star hotel owner is one highlight, but also to experience the once-in-a-lifetime benefits is another important aspect one must look at. Along with the returns on the unit investment, you’ll get to stay in the luxury hotel for a number of days per annum, and that too for free. Further, you also get the opportunity to be a company shareholder and part take in not just the profits but also be a part of democratically taken strategic decisions.

Airport Grande, as its name suggests, guarantees direct and easy access to the Cochin International Airport. The CIAL golf course, CIAL exhibition center, and access to the national highway are also some of the highlights of this grand project. Assurance and transparency are made certain with the stakeholders as the project is validated by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) under registration number K-RERA/PRJ/150/2021.

Business Benefits

Experience the benefits of joining hands on this project as a unit investor by receiving a share of net returns from Hotel Suite Business among the Suite Investment Partners centered on UNIT holding after a deduction of 15% management expenses. Get value appreciation on your investment, consideration of eligibility for company shares, and options to terminate the investment by selling the UNIT(s) and/or company shares at a much higher value later. The benefits do not end here. To enjoy the richness and luxury, investors are offered a free stay in a premium single suite for one night per UNIT of investment for a maximum of 7 days per year excluding GST. Indulge yourself in the taste of grandeur with additional discounts on food and beverages at the restaurant and lounge. Get free pickup and drop from Cochin International Airport as well when you arrive from your international location.

Investors and shareholders are also provided with benefits like share of company profits derived from the management fees of the hotel suites, as well as the profits brought about by non-room facilities such as bar, lounge, restaurant, cafe and more. After the determination of expenses by the board of directors, the net profits will be shared as dividends on a pro-rata shareholding basis.


The Airport Grande welcomes you with a wide spectrum of facilities that definitely assures that the investors and future guests made the right decision and choice. The 4-star rated hotel comes with a fully-furnished and rent-ready premium variety of hotel suite rooms, 84 in total. To take a break from the hectic lifestyle and to chill or have a good weekend, Airport Grande provides a luxury restaurant, bar, lounge, banquet hall, party facilities, and much more, making sure that all our customers are welcomed in the lap of luxury and comfort.

Now the best place in Cochin for travelers, business meetings, and grand functions gets a new name – Airport Grande. As this project is situated near the Cochin International Airport, which is just 4 km away, the guests have easy access to see the nearby breathtaking, well-known sightseeing spots. The heavenly and exquisite views of Kerala meet the world of convenience with the Airport Grande. Demanding investors will be content with transparent management too.

A trustworthy project that is fruitful is an aspiring vision of every investor, and Airport Grande is here to make it all come true.

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